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Based on 242 reviews
There really isn’t anything like this on the market.

I have had the desk now for several months and I can confidently say it met my high expectations. After trying many desks, and buying several and later having to replace them, it was a great relief to find the one.

It’s one of those things you don’t know until you look. I assumed it would be easy to find a tastefully designed desk with the desired customization. I could not have been more wrong. There really isn’t anything like this on the market. You can find desks with beautiful materials, or you can find them with ergonomic fit, but never both. The stands also compliment the feel I wanted, and I trust they will continue more in this direction.

Beautiful desk - excellent service

ordering a live edge wood product online is a little scary - you never really know what you're gonna get. in this case though, Ergonofis sent me pictures of the desktop before shipping to make sure I would be happy with it. the desk is beautiful and functions perfectly

Excellent produit et excellent service

J'utilise mon nouveau bureau depuis 3 mois maintenant et je suis encore très satisfait du produit. Simple et de qualité. L'équipe d'Ergonofis ont réellement créé un beau bureau monté soigneusement avec des produits de qualité. Le seul problème est qu'on ne peut plus s'en passer après usage! ;-)

Bureau Sway en noyer - Walnut Sway desk

Ce bureau est d'une grande qualité, très confortable et très beau. Je vous le recommande.
This is a high-quality, sturdy desk that is also comfortable and good-looking. I recommend it.

Une optimisation x 1000

Toutes entreprises devrai avoir un bureau assis debout de chez ergonofis, l'optimisation et le reveille cérébrale est instantané!! Et le design est tellement beau!!!

J'adore !!!

Absolutely Amazing

This is probably one of the best investments when it comes to upgrading my home office. I bought the YouToo ergonomic chair first before my Sway and having the "set" now is just perfection. The quality from the wood tabletop to the legs exceeded my expectations, and the assembly instructions were pretty easy to follow. Customer service is amazing, and the packaging the desk ships in is amazing as well. I absolutely am obsessed with it and am super happy!

Sway desk

I purchased three sway desks. Customer service was excellent. Assembly was very manageable and extra hardware came with the desks. The desks work great. Movement is smooth and quiet. The option of standing is wonderful and makes a long work period more comfortable. And the appearance is not compromised by functionality. The desks are beautiful. Would re-purchase without hesitation.


The quality is fabulous and transport overseas was also packed in brilliant way. Would recommend ergonofis any time!

A Quality Product!

We recently purchased two sway desks from Ergonofis and have found them to be an excellent product. The desk quality from a workmanship perspective is impeccable, the customer service is excellent and the entire purchase process is seamless. If you are looking to purchase a very good quality desk that can be put in any room to complement your furniture, consider the offerings from Ergonofis.

Excellent bureau

Très satisfait du produit et du service. Installation facile. Merci!

Beautiful desk and great service

The desk is exceptionally beautiful and high quality, both the wood and metal supports. It arrived in pristine condition and was easy to set up. It has a classic look that fits in anywhere. The team was very attentive and communicative during the entire process, answering every question and request promptly.

Power bar outlet

Impressive look and quality!

I bought a sway in suar and got another custom made desk for my new office and I couldn’t be happier. They look awesome! The customer service was also two notch above what I’m used to. I was even able to choose the piece of wood for my sway desk!

Great desk!

I've had my desk for 2 weeks. So far so good! I stand ~50% of the day now.

Qualité exceptionnelle

Mon conjoint et moi sommes tellement heureux de nos achats chez ergonofis. Nous avons acheté un bureau à hauteur ajustable, ainsi qu’une table et un banc, faits sur mesure, en noyer véritable. Tout est magnifique, même plus que nous nous l’étions imaginé. Merci pour votre service, avant, pendant et après-vente remarquable.

N. Chalifoux

5 étoiles bien méritées! Achat en ligne et hop le surlendemain j'allais en prendre possession. Mes heures de travail à la maison sont plus agréables. C'est terminé d'avoir le dos enchilosé !

Excellent desk

Nicely made and sturdy, easy controls, clear instructions. I plan to order a second one for my office.

Beautiful Design

After doing a week of research I was about to purchase a desk that I thought was nice but not exactly what I wanted nor did it get me very excited, especially given the amount I was about to spend. I honestly can't remember how I found the Ergonofis' website, but I instantly could see their desks were a cut above anything I had hereto seen. And, like I said, I spent a week looking online, reading reviews, watching demo videos and getting familiar with specs germane to sit-stand desks. For example, rigidity at maximum desk heights, load capacities, etc.

I'm a motion picture editor so spend long days at my desk. I also have a lot of gear that sits on it. So my sit-stand desk needed accommodate, both in weight and surface area, a 27" iMac, a large and heavy 24" pen display and two 7" reference speakers. I ended up buying The Sway. It lifts everything effortlessly (I think it's rated for 300lbs!) and the dimensions are ideal (36"x72"). With all that gear I sit have plenty of desk.

My brother is a custom builder in Muskoka and I spent summers working for him. I feel like I know good materials and craftsmanship. And this desk is absolutely top notch. It's actually a shame to have so much gear on it. But that's my reality, at least for the present. I'll soon move to a Mac Pro that I'll store below the desk and have a wall mounted 55" TV. In other words, on the desk there will be only my speakers and pen display so I'll be able to see more of the beautiful design.

Like I'm sure many of you who read these reviews, I put a decent amount of stock in what customers write. I hope this one provides some reassurance in making a decidedly expensive purchase. But one I do not regret in the least.

Expérience client exceptionnel

J’ai vécu une expérience client exceptionnelle lors de l’achat de ma table. Je recherchais une table de travail en bois véritable ergonomique. J’ai un support client rapide à ma demande d’ajout d’un élément à ma commande. À la livraison de ma table, j’ai eu un doute pour la dimention, j’ai demandé si je pouvais échanger la grandeur, rapidement j’ai eu un retour et ce fut très positif comme échange et options. Lors du montage l’expérience c’est prolongé par la facilité d’assemblage et l’esthétisme du produit et de l’emballage. Le plaisir est dans les détails et l’expérience.

International delivery and best in class customer service

It has been some time already that I was searching for a sit-stand desk that is both solid and beautiful, the Ergonofis Alive desk is the only desk that fulfilled all my criteria list. However, as I live in Switzerland, the deliviery fees were very high and I wasn't at ease to purchase from such distant company, but with the year end black friday offer that offsetted partially the shipment fees, I decided to bite the bullet and reached out to the customer service team.
What a great customer experience it has been. I have been in contact with Jason from the start and he has provided detailled answers to all my questions on delivery, payments and costs, so at the end of November I have confidently placed my order for an Alive desk to be shipped to Switzerland. Even after my order has been placed, during the following weeks he has given me many updates on the status of my order and sent me pictures of the wood grain for me to choose from.
I finally receive the desk on mid-January, It was extremely well packed in a wooden crate and there hasn't been a single dent to delore, I don't know many companies that go to this extent in protecting their products, so this was a very nice suprise.
The desk itself is a piece of art, with a beautiful wood grain and a nice smooth touch, but at the same time it is super solid and sturdy, there is really no wobble to be felt. I couldn't be more satisfied with this pruchase and with the customer experience and I highly recommend Ergonofis and their wonderful products to anybody that is still hesitating.
Thanks a million to Jason and the entire Ergonofis team, you rock!


Enfin, une chaise confortable et ajustable... Je passe beaucoup trop de temps assis, mais cette chaise est d'un confort! De plus, le tissu respire ce qui fait qu'on n'a pas chaud!

Awesome and practical design!

The stand provides the right amount of elevation so the laptop screen isn't too low while you work. Plus it also gives you the space you need to tuck your keyboard and mouse under it to keep your desk tidy once you're done working. Love it!


Delivered fast and easy set up. Works as advertised.

Computer stand

I love my new monitor stand! It helps me a lot with my posture and it looks super elegant. I might just add the laptop stand to my collection :) Thanks ergonofis for this great product.

The Sway desk
Love my new Sway desk / Un bureau parfait!

I work from home and was looking for a standup desk to alternate between sitting and standing position. I purchased my Sway walnut desk late last year. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble and it looks really nice!
Je travaille de la maison et j'étais à la recherche d'un nouveau bureau pour me permettre de travailler en alternance debout/assis. J'utilise mon bureau depuis bientôt un mois et je l'adore. L'assemblage est simple et n'a pris que 45 minutes. En prime, mon bureau Sway en noyer est assemblé au Québec par des ébénistes locaux.